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New App Lets Employees Rate Their Company’s Climate Efforts

by | 4 January 2024

Do you work for a company that isn’t doing enough to combat climate change? Are you frustrated that you can’t speak out for fear of reprisal? Well, a new, free app called Hurd is now available to let workers anonymously rate their company’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis, share success stories from their workplace, and use the platform’s e-learning resources to help them take more climate action in their job.

According to a recent study by Kite Insights, 83% of employees say they want to act on climate at work, and 70% say the ability to act on climate at work is important to their motivation and well-being.

Hurd is available on three platforms – Apple, Android and web – and is designed to help employees connect their passion for contributing to the climate crisis to their jobs.

Sophie Lambin, the Founder & CEO of Hurd, explains: “With Hurd, we want to focus on people as the ultimate force behind the potential to unlock positive tipping points. People and their willingness and ability to act at work is still untapped. Let’s give people the voice, the tools and the network to contribute to shifting the whole system faster and in a way that is inclusive.”

Hurd is not just about passive observation; it actively engages users in a number of critical ways.  Firstly, and uniquely, it allows people to rate their company’s climate action involvement. In a time of endemic greenwashing, this is potentially very powerful.

As Mike Fenna, Chief Technology Officer of Hurd, explains, “Hurd is a bit like Glassdoor for climate – it amplifies employee voices and improves transparency to help celebrate the best performing organisations, and to help others learn from them.”

The app also lets people share and draw inspiration from climate action success stories bringing together a community of like-minded individuals across various organizations and industries.

Hurd’s unique feature, the Climate Empowerment Score, is a novel metric that evaluates an organisation’s readiness and efficacy in enabling its employees to act on climate issues. This score, dynamically generated through user responses, offers insight into the ‘Head’, ‘Heart’, and ‘Hands’ of climate action in the workplace.

The app’s value extends beyond its immediate users. It serves as a tool for job seekers who prioritize climate action in their career choices, offering them a candid view of potential employers’ real climate actions.

Another standout feature of Hurd is its micro-learning lessons, tailored to fit into the busy schedules of working professionals. These bite-sized, impactful lessons range from assessing organizational climate action to role-specific guidance, like ‘I’m in HR – what can I do?’. This educational aspect underpins Hurd’s mission to make climate action at work not only feasible but also impactful. 

Sophie Lambin concludes: “At Hurd, our mission is to make climate action at work easy; that means helping everyone understand how different jobs – from the warehouse to the boardroom – can have an impact on climate change. People are passionate about doing the right thing for the climate and we are here to help guide them to the actions they can take at work.”

The launch of the app, during COP28, could be another important step in forcing companies into real transparency. That in turn could dramatically accelerate positive climate outcomes.


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